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Hello! I am a PhD candidate in the Decision Sciences area at INSEAD Business School. I will be joining the National University of Singapore as an Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Analytics in mid 2024.

I am interested in data driven and practice oriented research. In my current research, I analyze data from firms to understand how consumers behave on digital platforms and interact with digital currency, and derive recommendations to optimize firm operations. Methodologically, I employ econometrics, Bayesian modeling, and machine learning techniques through structural and reduced form modeling.

Prior to joining academia, I worked across the banking and aerospace industries in various quantitative positions. Please feel free to reach out!

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  1. Freddy Lim, So Yeon Chun, Ville Satopää (2023) Loyalty Currency and Mental Accounting: Do Consumers Treat Points Like Money?
    Minor Revision at Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.
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  1. Freddy Lim, So Yeon Chun. Algorithmic Pricing and Consumer Payment Choices.

  2. Freddy Lim, So Yeon Chun. Loyalty Points Purchase and Consumer Point Usage Behaviors.



Data Science for Business
Tutorial instructor, INSEAD MBA (May 2023)

Uncertainty, Data and Judgment
Tutorial instructor, INSEAD Executive MBA (Sep 2020)
Tutorial instructor, INSEAD MBA (Jan 2024, Jan 2022, Sep 2021, Jan 2021, Sep 2019)